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Making art has been an integral part of my life since my very early childhood.  My mother was a very creative person and she influenced me to find my own artistic voice.  Since these early days many things have changed, of course, but my desire and need to create visual images has remained. 
Growing up in the Greater Providence RI area I was incredibly inspired by the arts scene of RISD and Brown.  In 1994 I set out on my own to pursue my education at the University of Vermont.  There I studied art education and studio art and graduated in 1999.
I have explored many artistic mediums over the years but painting has always been my passion.  In my most recent works I am exploring the marriage of paint, existing imagery, text and writing.  I am intrigued by the way in which these elements congeal and build layers to create depth, beauty and meaning.  The way in which the images play off of one another is crucial and the paint with its intense color and texture brings pop and context to the paintings. The work speaks about our human emotions, experiences and the connections we make to the world.  I want to lure in the viewer and offer provocative imagery that evokes meaning and recognition while allowing them to bring their own interpretation to the work.  I’m striving for the completed pieces to solicit a host of emotions but also to encourage questions to be answered by the viewer.
During my college years I had the privilege to study with artist, Michael Oatman.  His collage and installation pieces were very influential.  I also draw inspiration from the works of Rauschenberg, Warhol, Matisse, Kahlo and Bearden.
Since my graduation from UVM I have resided in Vermont.  It is my home and place. Currently, I live in Vergennes, Vermont.  I have lived here since 2003, raising my family and making art. 

I have show work throughout New England. Recently, I opened my own studio in downtown Vergennes, where I create and teach art. For more information about Studio V please click here.